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Crosstalk 07-10-2014 News Round-Up CD

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Jim Schneider collected many news stories to bring to the attention of listeners on this news round-up edition of Crosstalk. They included:


--Magistrate Michael Bachman ruled to shut down an Ohio abortion clinic today.

--The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the development of a remote

controlled contraceptive microchip that can release hormones to act as an

abortifacient in a woman's body for up to 16 years.

--Burger King restaurants release the 'Proud Whopper' for San Francisco gay pride.

--Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel presented oral arguments yesterday regarding New

Jersey ban on homosexual change therapy.

--National homosexual blood drive to hit the nation tomorrow to bring attention to

the ban and to supposedly help save lives.

--Men acting as women claim humiliation at West Virginia DMV offices.

--Colorado judge strikes down the state's gay marriage ban.

--Utah goes straight to the Supreme Court to appeal a federal appeals court ruling

that gay couples can have the constitutional right to marry.

--U.K. Christian run bakery declines order from gay rights activist and could be

facing a court case.

--A Spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council in San Diego believes the

children flooding the border, most of whom are from Central America, will be

absorbed into the U.S. population, and it will morph into a form of defacto

amnesty that leads to chain migration.

--U.N. Officials want those crossing our southern border to be treated as refugees

displaced by armed conflict.

--President Obama is seeking 3.7 billion for the border problem. Wisconsin

Senator Ron Johnson shows the lack of efficiency in this plan when you divide

the 3.7 billion by the 52,000 children.

--Flights carrying illegals from Texas to San Diego County have been suspended

but warned that an outbreak of scabies among undocumented Central Americans

already processed and released poses a health danger to their communities.

--Pastors are banned from immigration camps and detention facilities.

--Amnesty supporters using profanity, burn at least one American flag and

shred several more.

--Mexican judge sends marine back to prison for accidentally crossing the border.

--President Obama refuses going to the border yet still claims we are better off

today than we were when he took office.

--A couple married 33 years separating so that the wife can keep her health


--Halbig v. Sebelius goes after the legality of massive federal subsidies.

--Mike Boyer makes history Tuesday as being the first person to legally buy

recreational marijuana in Spokane, Washington. Less than 48 hours later, he was

out of work.

--Obama places a 10 million dollar bounty on the head of the alleged terrorist

leader of an Islamic organization that is waging jihad in Syria and Iraq.

--Israeli forces have dramatically escalated the air strike count on targets in

the Gaza Strip.

--ISIS militants take sledgehammers to ancient Iraqi tombstones.

--Eric Holder suing North Carolina over changes to help stop voter fraud from

taking place.

--Nurse alleges that some VA staff stole morphine from dying patients and replaced

it with water and saline so some veterans got the wrong treatment.

--Bank teller fired for telling customers to have a 'blessed day'.

--Former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner e-mailed her colleagues urging them to be

careful what they put in their own messages because the information could be

discovered by congressional investigators.

--As a response to the Hobby Lobby case, two U.S. Senators introduce the Protect

Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act to restore the contraceptive

coverage requirement guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act.

--Senator Harry Reid can't seem to remember that there's one black man on the

Supreme Court.

--Senators Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel of Mississippi are under the microscope

for allegations of voter fraud.

--Congressman Trey Gowdy gives stirring speech on the House floor regarding

congressional and executive powers.

--American atheists to launch the world's first atheist TV channel on July 29th.

--Much of the food from the federal school lunch menu ends up in lunch room

garbage cans so two Rhode Island schools decided that instead of allowing this

to be a complete waste they're donating the scraps to a pig farm.



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