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Crosstalk 6/22/2012 From Islam To Christ--J.C. Rasoul CD

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J.C. Rasoul is an American Kurd who was born in Kurdistan in Northern Iraq.  As a child, he witnessed the violence of the government of Baghdad practiced against his people; violence due in part to the fact that Kurds are not of Arab descent.  This violence hit home when his elder brother’s lifeless body was brought back to his parents.  

J.C. grew up Muslim, adhering to the practices of the Sunni division of Islam but his experience with the socialist dictatorship formed his political conscience.  During the Gulf War, J.C. was forced to flee Iraq not once, but twice and eventually came to America under political asylum.  In the late 90’s he was airlifted to Guam and then to the United States where he was exposed to the teachings of Christianity and his life was radically changed.

Don’t miss this testimony of how God’s loving hand miraculously took J.C. halfway around the world and to new life in Christ.

More information:

To obtain a copy of his book, Miracles in the Mountains, go to

J.C. Rasoul will be speaking this evening (6/22) at 6pm at the Rock River Patriots meeting being held at the Dwight Foster Library, 209 Merchants Avenue, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  For more information call 920-650-1260.

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