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Crosstalk 02-21-2014 News Round-Up CD

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Vic Eliason sifted through the stack of news stories and presented the following for Crosstalk listeners:


--Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman says gay couples in Chicago don't have to wait until June to marry.


--President Barack Obama and Pamela Geller win Islamaphobia awards.


--Obama appoints Hamas advisor Robert Malley to Senior Director of the National Security Council.


--The Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants to remove “liberty and justice for all” in the Pledge of Allegiance with “allahhu akbar”.


--FBI documents indicate that there are more jihad terror training compounds discovered in Texas.


--Jahi McMath's mother sees improvement in her daughter's physical condition after being moved to a different hospital.


--The FCC is drawing fire from the “right” for proposing that radio and TV stations be monitored to make sure they are programming unbiased stories and programs.


--A Democrat is urging the FCC to clamp down on the Fox News Channel.


--The FCC will craft new rules to prevent Internet service providers from charging companies (such as Netflix or Google) a toll to reach customers at the highest speeds.


--An avalanche of lawsuits is making its way through the state and federal court system.


--The State of Washington House passes legislation that would ban therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions.


--Senators Ted Cruze of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah introduce the State Marriage Defense Act.


--Scotland deciding whether every child born should get a government overseer.


--A Los Angeles restaurant has added a surcharge to help pay for the health and medical benefits of its staff.


--Kathleen Sebelius says there's no evidence of job losses occurring under Obamacare.


--Planned Parenthood takes the lead in Obamacare's enrollment army.


--The U.S. Army builds a 300 acre fake city for combat training exercises in Virginia.


A team of constitutional experts is criticizing a Tacoma, Washington, high school for allowing promotion of a gay/straight alliance while censoring a pro-life campaign in the hallways and classrooms.


--Bibles removed from hotels in Ames, Iowa.


--More black babies were killed by abortion in New York City than born alive in 2012.  

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