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Crosstalk 6/10/11: Gender Confusion CD

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Brad Dacus is the President of the Pacific Justice Institute, a network of approximately 1,000 affiliate attorneys handling more cases on the West Coast than any organization of its kind.

From the White House down to school boards, there are a number of efforts being supported in an attempt to redefine the idea of gender. This Crosstalk focused on a number of such efforts, most from California.

--Assembly Bill 887—This bill communicates that if you have an employee that decides to cross-dress, there’s nothing you can do as an employer to stop it. Public school teachers would also be allowed to cross-dress under this legislation which makes no consideration for the protection of children. It only protects the psychological neurosis of the teacher.

--The Oakland, California, Unified School District wants to bring in a program called Gender Expression to elementary schools. It teaches that you can be a boy on the outside yet be a girl on the inside or vice-versa. The California teacher’s union put up money to support this.

--Harvey Milk Day recognizes the late Harvey Milk, a homosexual activist. According to Brad, the recognition doesn’t surround what he accomplished politically for the people; it’s merely for the fact that he’s recognized as the first openly homosexual man to be elected to public office in California.

--SB-48 requires that historians focus not on the achievements of certain individuals but rather on the alternative lifestyles they lived out. 

--AB-433 would allow the issuing of new birth certificates to those who change their gender.

On the federal front, Christians need to keep an eye on the Student Non-Discrimination Act--HR-998/SB-555. This legislation would introduce alternate lifestyle options to elementary and secondary school children.

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