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VCY Rally 03/01/2003 Ken Ham--Genesis: Key to Reclaiming the Culture CD

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Rally2003-03 CD
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Ken Ham is the Founder, President and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum which has seen over a million visitors.  He’s a biblical apologist and author of numerous books including:  “Already Gone”, “Already Compromised”, “The Lie:  Evolution” and numerous other works.

In this rally message, Ken shows how the Bible--all the way back to Genesis--provides a unified and logical explanation for what are today known as scientific disciplines, including biology, astronomy, anthropology, geology, and many others.  He states that by understanding the biblical worldview encompassing all these areas, the world around us makes sense, and the changing theories of human beings called scientists no longer shake our lives.

Ultimately, if the Bible is not trusted when it gives physical information, soon it will not be trusted for its spiritual message either.  This explains why our culture is in such turmoil today.  A return to the truths of the Bible, especially in Genesis, and many of the conflicts and problems we see around us would be resolved.

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